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New Covid 19 mandates affecting the market scene.

To comply with the Environmental Health Directorate (EHD) Circular 17: 23 December 2021, all traders and suppliers to markets indoors and outdoors, must be vaccinated to attend and trade.

Therefore, we are required by law to obtain proof of vaccination by our attendees for events where we have declared 1000 or more persons will be onsite. This number is the number of persons occupying the site throughout the event.

We understand that there are few who choose not to be vaccinated.

Your rights are valued.

However, we are unable to accommodate your booking at an event where more than 1000 people are expected, if you cannot provide proof of vaccination.

How to obtain proof of vaccination.

This is the best site to receive the correct advice on the ways you can provide

proof of vaccination and how to obtain it.

Thank you for your assistance.

Our forms will be updated as necessary for each event to ask for your certificate of vaccination. If the event form does not ask you for this information it is not required for that particular event or date.

Please use our contact form if you have any further questions.

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