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VCM Perth Events (VCM) is a well-managed and respected Event Management company based in Western Australia.

Our vision is to help the unusual, quirky, unique, and diverse, culturally, and socially inclusive small businesses, like yourself, to thrive. We want to provide you with tools and support to help you prepare before, during and after event is over. Our events are networking and shopping events.  Our aim is to get as many likeminded targeted shoppers in front of your stall, to buy your products. Create new valuable customer relationships and leads you can maximise after the events ended. (It’s not just about sales on the day! Though this is important too!)

  • VCM carefully considers what and who we brand with, to ensure our quality events  are well managed, safe and compliant, easy to work with.

  • VCM partner with several larger festivals and activities in WA. Our brand and partnerships are well recognised. Some are: York Motorcycle Festival, Avon Decent Festival (CoS), RetroRewind Festival (CoW) and The Vintage Collective Markets

  • Our events are FREE to attend, so we attract customers to your stall at each event.

  • Our events are curated with strong focus on our clients themed events and requirements, limiting the numbers in each category, to give customers choice and variety while minimising competition between exhibitors.

  • We spend many hours and money to attract the right people who are your target market and are ready to do business with you.

  • We care about you and your success. Many of our retailers have worked with us for many years and have gone onto becoming a fully fledged store front locally and selling internationally. We want you to achieve your goals!

  • We have a private Facebook Group community where we add previews of upcoming events, manage information in real time and create a network for you to thrive and be comfortable in.

  • We are a professional events team and pride ourselves on being highly organised.

  • Our aim is to make your day stress free and remind all to leave that stress behind and be in the moment when attending an event.

VCM are also very firm on compliance, for your safety and the safety of your clients and staff. ONLY engaging and contracting the best in all facets of our business.

We have created a new contact portal so we can connect with prospective retailers directly when an opportunity to join us is available.

If would like to be able to receive notification of events opening to applicants before they go live on our website, just send us an email via the button below, and we will get your details.