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Latest WA Health announcements


What a bumpy start we are having in WA.

Fires, floods and COVID.

Our thoughts are with our community here in the valley and traders who have been affected by the fires in my area. I can not imagine the shock and fear having to flee ones home as fire is bearing down. We watched as huge black, charred leaves and matter rained on our home and chocked on the smoke. We are not out of danger yet. Thanks go out to our firies and volunteers and the community as whole for the hard work and generosity shown

COVID and Events

As you will no doubt know, new restrictions came into effect a tonight 6pm. The restrictions are there to protect us all. But it means we as a compliant event company are unable to trade and safely adhere to the requirements. Maylands Peninsular Markets, Ellenbrook Twilight Markets, Aveley Cantina and Ellenbrook Cantina dates to FEB 14th have been canceled.

We are looking forward to the lifting of these requirements on FEB 14th and returning with the above events.

ALL of our major festivals after this date are going ahead.

Vendors EOI links can be found at the bottom of the events webpage.

Stay safe , wear your mask and keep 4sqm apart and let's work together and help keep the EVENTS Industry open for all West Australians to enjoy!

Look forward to seeing you soon!

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